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Plastic Consumer

Consumer Industry

Plastics are enjoying substantial growth as a packaging medium, at the expense of materials such as glass, metals and paper, and in spite of environmental pressures on plastics materials in general.

The growth of plastics packaging is due in no small part to the technologies available to convert available materials into packs of different forms - flexible, semi-flexible and rigid - at high speed, with the option of including decoration as part of the moulding process.

Plastic products are widely used in almost every industry, and are also extensively used as consumer products.

This results in a demand curve that is driven upwards by a healthily economy.

There are two main parameters that affect the profitability of individual companies - Product mix and Production efficiency. Product mix refers to how much variety there is in what a company offers.

Offering a wide variety of products is an advantage that  Classic Closures has over most competitors.

Production efficiency gives Classic Closures the ability to manufacture quality products at a fast and cost effective rate. assembly equipment

Consumer Industry: Quality Control
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