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Plastic Project Development and Manufacturing

Project Development

Product Development

Classic Closures can help you to create a prototype for your ideas, using a process called rapid

injection moulding.

Points to consider when developing your prototype are, texture, dimensions, what material will be used,

how much you can pay for the prototype, and how long you have before you need the prototype.

Choosing Classic Closures as your product development partner is important because you don’t want to slow down the future production schedule for a good product idea by choosing an unreliable company to manufacture your plastic prototype.

Classic Closures has a proven reputation for developing plastic products for business clients.

Developing a plastic prototype is an expensive but necessary step towards the final product.

•   CAD Design or Modification of your

•   Product or Tooling

•   CAD 2-D and 3-D modeling

•   Prototype Tooling and modeling

•   Materials Selection

•   Mould Flow Analysis

•   Production Tooling

•   Mould and Process Validation

Our Project Engineers can also identify ways to cut-down program lead-times, while also avoiding program pitfalls through early problem detection for which we then work quickly to solve.  The final result: benchmark improvements for your product quality and process efficiency through total and proactive support for plastic molding engineering.

The upfront cost may be high, but we can turn the process into a cost-effective solution for manufacturing mass quantities of your product.

Your need for a plastic product may not be for a plastic prototype at all. You may only require a piece of custom plastic produced by our plastic fabricators to replace an old part, we can even match the color before we create your replacement part.

Mould Development

Plastic Injection Mould Engineering at Classic Closures is a vitally integrated part of our operation. Our engineering support provides design responsible advantages for mould design and plastic part design at whatever service level is needed. We can provide targeted assistance to support your in-house engineering capabilities, or total turnkey service value that includes:

Project Development: Services
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