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At Classic Closures, we pride ourselves in using the latest state-of-the-art technology to provide our customers

with the highest quality plastic parts at globally competitive prices.

Through our use of innovative machines, ground-breaking technology and turnkey automation, we have developed a reputation for producing high quality plastic parts and bringing unique value-added services to customers that other moulders cannot.

From basic injection molding to clean room technology, as well as a variety of design techniques, we have the technology

to produce almost any plastic part.

Whether you require thermosetting or thermoplastic materials, CLASSIC CLOSURES possesses the expertise and the equipment that you need if you want to shape your engineering plastics into form.

The high degree of automation of our injection moulding systems, with a performance spectrum of 150 to 1800 kN ensures process-stable production. We are able to conduct our production for you in a class 10 000 dust free environment.

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